Directories settings in PHPStorm and IntelliJ Ultimate

I recently switched from PHPStorm to IntelliJ Ultimate because of some Java. But still i am working a lot on PHP and symfony projects.

One thing i usually do on symfony projects in PHPStorm is to edit the “Directories” in the settings to avoid having results from var/cache or var/logs in the search results.

Also it slows down the search which i heavily use. So i exlude all folders that should not be searched because they are cache files or are redundant in some other way.

PHPStorm Directories Settings

See this SO post for further discussion:

But in IntelliJ Ultimate its a bit different and it took me a bit to figure out.
Here the equivalent is located under “Project Structure->Modules”.
Here you can exclude Directories, set “test” and “source” folders.

IntelliJ Ultimate Modules settings

Also it seems settings are imported from PHPStorm settings already when using a former PHPStorm project in IntelliJ Ultimate. Nice :)