Updating OXID eShop to 6.2.0

Oxid eShop 6.2 is released and its a good step forward to a modernized codebase, embracing best practices and more symfony-like patterns.

Since i do a lot of coding with symfony besides OXID i was very exited about this new version. So i gave it a try and updated one of the shops i maintain. (Its not public yet, i will update this post once we launch, Its launched by now, yay: https://www.cafelehmitz-photobooks.com/).

I basically followed this upgrade guide: https://docs.oxid-esales.com/eshop/de/6.2/installation/update/von-6.1.x-auf-6.2.0-aktualisieren.html

So here is my experience updating OXID eShop 6.1.5 to 6.2.0:

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Check if a country is an EU country in Magento

I you ever wondered how you can check if a Country, resp. a Country Code, is in the EU, i did the following:

Magento has a config value: eu_countries that lists all Countries of the EU.

You can find it in the backend under:
Configuration -> General -> Country Options.

Against this list you can validate your country code, f.e. that you got in an billing or shipping address of an order.

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OXID eshop routing

If you wonder about routing in OXID eshops or how the URL structure is here are some hints:

OXIDs MVC, well thats some kind of different naming and you have to get used to:

the M (Model) you find in /core
the V you find in in your templates in /out, there the main view is called the same as your controller, given the controller has a render() method.
/views/details => /out/[templatename]/page/details.tpl
the C (Controller) you find in /views (what? oyerywell!)
like /views/details.php

The routing itself is like so:
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OXID eShop manufacturer long description module and fck editor module

I recently made my first OXID eShop module: OXID-manufacturer-text-mod
Which basically adds a long description field to the manufacturer.

This comes just as a normal textarea, as usual in OXID CE.
If you would like to add an Richtext Editor, you can purchase the fck Editor module
and install it, if you did not already.

After you installed the fck module your textareas of the basic shop are rich text.

But since the manufacturer long description comes from the module, you have to teach the fck module the new field.
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