– mashup soundcloud audio tracks is an experiment on collaborative realtime audio editing and music creation.
I did the project within the frame of  my BA thesis in audio production last year.

As I moved the code to github this week, I wanted to give a quick overview of the project and its technical underlyings, just in case someone might be interested :)

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Next Level Javascript Error Tracking

Exceptionhub protokolliert clientseitig auftretende Javascript Fehler.

* Logs all JavaScript errors (local or remote)
* Provides a stack trace to find the cause in all browsers
* Groups errors by cause
* Development and Production modes
* RSS feeds for errors

Einfach einbinden via Javascript im Seitenheader. Dann kriegt man schöne Statistiken über Javascript Fehler mit Browser und OS Infos, Mail-Notifications usw.
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