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Thank gawd it’s online #3


A little making of history from duckduckgo search engine.

LinkedIn node.js performance tricks

introducing PHP’s composer

promoting PHP’s composer

node.js and PHP

JavaScript API for zooming

Gadget: little printer

jQuery Animations with automatic CSS3 transitions when possible

Batman.js is a framework for building rich web applications with CoffeeScript or JavaScript.

some HTTP-Status Cats

Thank gawd it’s online #2


it has been a nice week
and those are the links:

today some node.js resources: » read more

Thank gawd it’s online #1


Welcome to the first episode of our weekly link-list, which will appear every friday most likely on fridays. » read more

HTML5 – Sammlung von Ressourcen, Dokus und Browser-Fallbacks


Hier mal eine anfänglich kleine Sammlung zum Thema HTML 5 generell – grob kategorisiert. Vervollständigungen und Streichungen willkommen.

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