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Twig Extension for Money value object


I just released a twig extension for

The money libary contains a money represention based on the currency’s smallest unit to provide a more accurate handling. See the libary’s readme for more information.

Although the v1.x version of Money brings a Formatter the Twig extension uses its own, which is better suited and more flexible.

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Enable Twig-Extensions in Silex revisited


As of 2014 things have changed improved a lot in the Symfony / Silex world, compared to 2011, when i first blogged about twig extensions in Silex.
Things got more easy, yay!

As Composer appeared, installation and autoloading is a breeze nowadays.
I presume here, that you have installed your Silex project via composer.
If so, you can install the twig extensions like this:
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Modulo in Twig


Ever wondered how to use the modulo operator in twig, the template engine of symfony?

Actually its like in PHP:

{{ 11 % 7 }}

As described here

But i guess for most use cases modulus is used to check if a number is divisible by another number.
Therefore Twig has the very conveniant divisibleby test function.

{% if loop.index is divisibleby(3) %}

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[Symfony 2][Twig] – Enabling (native) Twig Extensions


Twig Extensions is a tiny official repository for extensions to the Twig templating markup language, the default templating engine in each Symfony 2 (Standard Ed.) project. This short article shows how to purposeful enable them per-environment for your projects.

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[Symfony 2] Twig – Global Variables


Schon mal gefragt, welche globalen Variablen in der Twig-Extension eines Symfony 2 (Standard Distri)-Projektes zur Verfügung stehen? » read more

[Symfony 2] AsseticBundle, Less CSS & YUI Compressor unter OSX installieren


Das AsseticBundle ist ein Wrapper um Assetic, ein geniales Tool, um statische Assets für Webprojekte zu verwalten. AsseticBundle ist extrem einfach zu verwenden, einfach die entsprechende Filter-Chain via yaml konfigurieren, um mehr muss man sich nicht kümmern. Natürlich allerdings müssen die zugrundeliegenden Abhängigkeiten im Vorfeld installiert sein. In unserem Falle benötigen wir den Yui-Compressor als jar-File und Less CSS. Less ist ein node.js Modul, was bedingt, dass wir zuvor node.js installieren müssen.
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