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Hosting multiple Express (node.js) apps on port 80


In the last days, i was trying to find a solution hosting multiple Express apps on my vServer the same Server.

Starting with Apache and mod_proxy, i ended up with a plain node solution, which i really like. » read more

Tools for jade template development


I recently started digging into node.js and the express framework.
One thing i like about it is that it comes with the beautiful jade template engine by default.

Here are some things that come real hany when you are working with jade. » read more

Nodejs plugin for netbeans


Over the weekend i looked for a plugin for node.js in netbeans and ended up tryin this one:

Actually its all said on the post itself: installation, features and restrictions.
So go and read it.

Its still a bit early stage and only runs on a nightly-build netbeans but it already has some helpful features.
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[Symfony 2] AsseticBundle, Less CSS & YUI Compressor unter OSX installieren


Das AsseticBundle ist ein Wrapper um Assetic, ein geniales Tool, um statische Assets für Webprojekte zu verwalten. AsseticBundle ist extrem einfach zu verwenden, einfach die entsprechende Filter-Chain via yaml konfigurieren, um mehr muss man sich nicht kümmern. Natürlich allerdings müssen die zugrundeliegenden Abhängigkeiten im Vorfeld installiert sein. In unserem Falle benötigen wir den Yui-Compressor als jar-File und Less CSS. Less ist ein node.js Modul, was bedingt, dass wir zuvor node.js installieren müssen.
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