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Symfony development with docker on a mac


I recently started to do all PHP development with docker, since I was just tired of installing tons of dev libraries on my machine. Most of which i couldn’t even remember what they actually were good for.

When I first tried docker (docker-toolbox for mac) I was really disappointed how slow symfony apps ran inside the container. » read more

[Symfony 2][Assetic] Sass, CompassFilter + Foundation Responsive Front-end Framework


Did you ever wonder how to enable 3rd party plugins (or so called “frameworks“) within the great compass toolset managed by assetic in your edgy symfony 2.1 project?

(If there is more extensive documentation available concerning assetic + CompassFilter, please stop reading on and let me know!)

If you take a look at the filter class itself (it is CompassFilter in the generic Assetic\Filter namespace), you should recognise several option values that you can use in your application wide config.yml file.

But first you have to install the framework plugin following these instructions.

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Javascript benchmarking with jsperf


I might be a bit late (yeaikno it exist over a year now and a bunch of blogs had it covered) but nevertheless i would like to point out a very helpful online tool i recently ran into:


Its basically a online benchmark tool for testing different approaches in javascript.
It covers some important aspects of benchmarking, that your homemade bench probably wont have like milliseconds accuracy & statistical analysis.
The tests are run on your browser and the results will feed the “browserscope”. A graph of the “highest known results” for the participating browsers.
So we can see some kind of comparison.
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[Symfony 2][Twig] – Enabling (native) Twig Extensions


Twig Extensions is a tiny official repository for extensions to the Twig templating markup language, the default templating engine in each Symfony 2 (Standard Ed.) project. This short article shows how to purposeful enable them per-environment for your projects.

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Nodejs plugin for netbeans


Over the weekend i looked for a plugin for node.js in netbeans and ended up tryin this one:

Actually its all said on the post itself: installation, features and restrictions.
So go and read it.

Its still a bit early stage and only runs on a nightly-build netbeans but it already has some helpful features.
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Tilt – 3D DOM visualization


someone just +1’d this nice addon for firefox:
(thanks, conrad :)

TILT - firefox addon visualizes 3D

Tilt visualizes the DOM in 3D and is a lot faster than i expected.
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Wunderlist client for Linux


Hey, today Wunderlist released a Linux Client for the Desktop. That made me curious about the hyped tool.
So I gave it a try on my Ubuntu machine!

Open the console and:

tar xvfz wunderlist-1.2.4-linux-32.tgz
sudo mv Wunderlist-1.2.4/ /opt/

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[Symfony 2] Twig – Global Variables


Schon mal gefragt, welche globalen Variablen in der Twig-Extension eines Symfony 2 (Standard Distri)-Projektes zur Verfügung stehen? » read more

Symfony 2 Standard Edition released


Ab heute, dem 7. 3. 2011, steht auf die “Standard-Edition” der neuesten Version 2 des populären RAD-Frameworks zum Download bereit. Bereits am vergangenen Wochenende ging die neue Website des Projekts online.
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[Symfony 2] Sandbox/Standard Edition – bootstrap.php


Wer sich wundert, woher die beiden Dateien “app/bootstrap.php” respektive “app/bootstrap_cache.php” im Standard-app-Verzeichnis der Sandbox kommen: Das Script unter bin/build_bootstrap.php generiert eben diese aus existierenden Sourcen.
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