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Symfony Cache Component with SncRedisBundle


Since version 3.1 there is a Cache component with a PSR-6 implementation integrated in Symfony.
So we do not need to add a 3rd party lib as Doctrine Cache anymore when we need caching these days.

Doctrine Cache does the job but by implementing a standard the Symfony Cache seems to have another advantage besides its delievered anyway. So i checked it out.

Documentation is still a bit sparse and the best resource so far is this blogpost:

I wont go into detail on how you use the Cache but rather how you integrate it with Redis, which is my favourite Cache backend.
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Symfony development with docker on a mac


I recently started to do all PHP development with docker, since I was just tired of installing tons of dev libraries on my machine. Most of which i couldn’t even remember what they actually were good for.

When I first tried docker (docker-toolbox for mac) I was really disappointed how slow symfony apps ran inside the container. » read more

Twig Extension for Money value object


I just released a twig extension for

The money libary contains a money represention based on the currency’s smallest unit to provide a more accurate handling. See the libary’s readme for more information.

Although the v1.x version of Money brings a Formatter the Twig extension uses its own, which is better suited and more flexible.

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Superleansilexplate Update v3


Some news from the Superleansilexplate:

  • v3 now uses symfony3 components
    Silex 1.3 supports symfony3 so lets use it :)
    Note: as symfony3 doesnt support php5.4 anymore, we dont either!
  • new ConsoleServiceProvider
    the one from knplabs that was used before seems to be unmaintained and wasnt matching the dependencies anymore.
    So i decided to take it over and renew it a bit. Check it out!
  • Docker support
    I started to use Docker as dev enviroment for my projects, so i added dev & prod Docker support.
    For the sake of simplicity it uses a single container with Apache and PHP7.
    If you have Docker and docker-compose on your machine just spin it up with docker-compose up and check on localhost:8088.

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PHP package generators


For creating PHP packages several best practices has been established, like composer support (ofc) and putting the package on packagist, travis integration, directory organisation, tests, documentation and so on.
For further information i recommend these slides which describe the situation very well.

And as we are all lazy, we like generators that scaffold a basic php package layout and luckily there are several out there.
They all differ a bit, so pick your favorite.
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RegExpBuilderPHP – PHP Regular Expression Builder


There this really useful tool for JS, called RegExpBuilder.
It enables you to build regular expressions with a nice human-readable & chainable syntax.
(read more about it here and here)

As it’s not that much lines of code, I decided to do a port for PHP – et voila:
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Using forks with composer – late night edition


Using your forks of certain packages with composer is actually pretty easy:
Add the repo of the fork to the repositories block of your composer.json, you might need to change the version to f.e dev-master and thats it. Great. Actually.

"repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""

But there are some traps, especially when you are mentally already weekend bound:

When working in a team, take care that you dont add your fork as a private repo.
This happens when you use the @ notation like ‘‘. Its tempting because it will be the clone url on github when you are logged in, which is very likely.
If you do so your team mates will get errors like this:

Failed to execute git clone --no-checkout '' [...] && git remote add composer '' && git fetch composer

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Symfony and named ParamConverters


Symfony’s ParamConverter is a common way to transform some GET param to an entity before your controllers action.
This happens most of the time via type hinting and priority detection kinda magic in the background.
But as magic is often obscure sometimes you need a bit of explicitness.

F.e. when you have more and different ParamConverter per entity you want to name them explicitly.
Then you can use named ParamConverters.

In the documentation this issue is a bit fragmented, so here is the compact version:
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Symfony2 “urlize”


I have often missed the


 method from Doctrine1 in Symfony2 with Doctrine2.

Of course there’s the doctrine extensions with the sluggable behaviour, but sometimes it seems a bit overhead for smaller tasks.

I just recently discovered Behat Transliterator, which brings just the dearly missed urlize function back.

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Git deploy with composer install hook


I usually would not recommend deployment via git and running composer on your prod server for several reasons like f.e. the network. I rather believe in builds.
But sometimes its just too convenient :)

So i have this uncritical smaller API app where the hosting has git, ssh access and i am in full control and i decided too keep it simple.
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