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^__^ – mashup soundcloud audio tracks

, is an experiment on collaborative realtime audio editing and music creation.
I did the project within the frame of  my BA thesis in audio production last year.

As I moved the code to github this week, I wanted to give a quick overview of the project and its technical underlyings, just in case someone might be interested :)

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Hosting multiple Express (node.js) apps on port 80


In the last days, i was trying to find a solution hosting multiple Express apps on my vServer the same Server.

Starting with Apache and mod_proxy, i ended up with a plain node solution, which i really like. » read more

Tools for jade template development


I recently started digging into node.js and the express framework.
One thing i like about it is that it comes with the beautiful jade template engine by default.

Here are some things that come real hany when you are working with jade. » read more