Superleansilexplate Update v3

Some news from the Superleansilexplate:

  • v3 now uses symfony3 components
    Silex 1.3 supports symfony3 so lets use it :)
    Note: as symfony3 doesnt support php5.4 anymore, we dont either!
  • new ConsoleServiceProvider
    the one from knplabs that was used before seems to be unmaintained and wasnt matching the dependencies anymore.
    So i decided to take it over and renew it a bit. Check it out!
  • Docker support
    I started to use Docker as dev enviroment for my projects, so i added dev & prod Docker support.
    For the sake of simplicity it uses a single container with Apache and PHP7.
    If you have Docker and docker-compose on your machine just spin it up with docker-compose up and check on localhost:8088.

As a quick outview:
we are all waiting for Silex2, but development seems to stagnate there.
Hopefully it will pace up again.
But with the rise of other MicroFrameworks like Lumen or the symfony MicroKernel, things went all a bit quiet around Silex.
As i use symfony quite a lot i personally tend to symfony MicroKernel these days.
Check out this blogpost for a benchmark of the microframeworks.