Twig Extension for Money value object

I just released a twig extension for

The money libary contains a money represention based on the currency’s smallest unit to provide a more accurate handling. See the libary’s readme for more information.

Although the v1.x version of Money brings a Formatter the Twig extension uses its own, which is better suited and more flexible.

What it does? See this:

{{ money|money_i18n_format('de_DE') }} 1.123,45 €
{{ money|money_i18n_format('en_US') }} €1,123.45
{{ money|money_i18n_decimal('en_US') }} 1,123.45
{{ money|money_currency_symbol('en_US') }} €
{{ money|money_currency_name('en_US') }} Euro

Check the readme for more information.

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