10 reasons to replace your CMS with Astro

I replaced another CMS powered site with an Astro powered static site the other day.
Here is why:

  1. Content changed rarely and when, authors forgot how to do it and asked me anyway.
  2. Content is now part of development.
    The “paid” support time is now rather spent for adding content than for helping the authors adding their content.
    They will just send me an email.
  3. Content is now versioned in git.
  4. Hosting is cheaper, no need for the PHP Mysql package.
  5. A static site is easier to host. No forced PHP updates by the hoster.
  6. No security attack vectors on the site. Try this with WordPress ;)
  7. Astro comes with topnotch frontend tooling and green lighthouse audit by default. Try this with your CMS ;)
  8. Contact forms are overrated. Mailto links work. If a contact form is your only dynamic requirement, ditch it and consider to go static.
  9. A static site loads faster and does not need to run the compute cycles of a dynamic language or a database.
  10. Last but not least: A static site presumably has a lower carbon footprint out of the box because of less computing and optimized frontend tooling.

This is based on of a twitter thread of mine and crossposted here for the sake of owning my content. :)