git deploy with composer install hook

I usually would not recommend deployment via git and running composer on your prod server for several reasons like f.e. the network. I rather believe in builds.
But sometimes its just too convenient :)

So i have this uncritical smaller API app where the hosting has git, ssh access and i am in full control and i decided too keep it simple.

For deploy i login via ssh and make a git pull too fetch the code.
Now we need to make a composer install, if the composer.lock has changes to fetch all php dependencies.
Therefor i found a handy bash script, tweaked it a bit and installed it as post-merge git hook.

Install the hook:

cd project
nano .git/hooks/post-merge #paste & edit the script
chmod 775 .git/hooks/post-merge 

What it does?
After all code from the git pull is merged into the working tree, the hook checks if the composer.lock has changed. If so it will run a composer install.
Note that it runs with –no-dev since we are on production and dont need f.e. phpunit there.

I know you know, but let it be said again: run composer install not composer update, as you never should run composer update on production, read why here.

So here is the bash:

#/usr/bin/env bash
# MIT © Sindre Sorhus -
# forked by Gianluca Guarini
# phponly by Ivo Bathke ;)
changed_files="$(git diff-tree -r --name-only --no-commit-id ORIG_HEAD HEAD)"
check_run() {
  echo "$changed_files" | grep --quiet "$1" && eval "$2"
# `composer install` if the `composer.lock` file gets changed
# to update all the php dependencies
check_run composer.lock "composer install --no-dev"

I forked it from here, that forked from there.