Using forks with composer – late night edition

Using your forks of certain packages with composer is actually pretty easy:
Add the repo of the fork to the repositories block of your composer.json, you might need to change the version to f.e dev-master and thats it. Great. Actually.

"repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""

But there are some traps, especially when you are mentally already weekend bound:

When working in a team, take care that you dont add your fork as a private repo.
This happens when you use the @ notation like ‘‘. Its tempting because it will be the clone url on github when you are logged in, which is very likely.
If you do so your team mates will get errors like this:

Failed to execute git clone --no-checkout '' [...] && git remote add composer '' && git fetch composer

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install silverstripe with some modules from GIT

This is a small shell script to set up silverstripe CMS
along with some modules i often use (as seen in ivo’s post)

The script has two parameters:
– the folder to clone the whole thing into
– the branch/tag to checkout afterwards

# install silverstripe + common modules from github
# usage sh <folder_name> <tag/branch>
# examples:
# sh some_folder tags/2.4.5
# sh some_folder master

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Unfuddle: Repository read access denied

Unfuddle: Repository read access denied

Ich benutze ja ganz gerne unfuddle für Projekte mit closed source.
Dort kann man nämlich mit dem free Account, anders wie bei github, private repositories erstellen.

Nun hatte ich aber neulich plötzlich einen Auth Fehler und konnte mich mit meinem key nicht mehr connecten:

ERROR:gitosis.serve.main:Repository read access denied
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Ich war mir keiner schuld bewußt.

Nachdem ich meinen key gelöscht bei unfuddle hatte und neu anlegen wollte, kam dann die Fehlermeldung:

This public key has already been taken by another user.
If you have multiple accounts, you must use a different public key for each account.

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